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Who we are

Pinnacle Plumbing Solutions is built on a foundation of core values that are shared across each and every member of our team. These core values have assisted Pinnacle Plumbing Solutions to grow into a Provincial leader in plumbing services.

We understand the most important items in our industry are safety, time, cost, and quality, while protecting our environment. With this in mind Pinnacle Plumbing Solutions collaborates with our clients from project inception, to deliver the best possible outcome.


We are driven to achieving a legacy through a synergized approach, based on integrity and satisfaction, building unsurpassed relationships, creating innovative, sustainable plumbing solutions. We look forward to working with you on your next project.

Inspired Solutions Across A Range Of Industries

Our neat approach to our work means that projects are completed without hindrance to our clients, we take this very seriously. We are often commended by clients for the friendly and client-centric approach of our team members. We have selected our team based on a blend of their experience, skill sets, track-record, passion for plumbing and ability to truly engage with our clients.

The results we offer is ultimately proven through our excellent references and continued word-of-mouth referrals we receive. Pinnacle Plumbing Solutions also has the added advantage of being affiliated with its sister company Gebodo Projects.

Contributing to transformation, service delivery and sustainable growth through our commitment to provide a quality plumbing service in an environment where our clients come first.


Employee Equality.

We are committed to our belief in the equality of all employees, regardless of demographics, and as such do not discriminate when employing new and valuable staff members into Pinnacle Plumbing Solutions. We encourage the employment and career development of women in the workforce and are proud to operate a business with a diverse employee background.

Training and Development.

Advancing in industry is easy when you harness the passion, drive and enthusiasm of a talented team. At Pinnacle Plumbing Solutions we encourage further training and development of all our employees wishing to increase their skills, expertise and efficiency, allowing progression within the Plumbing and Project management fields.


When planning your next development, you can rely on Pinnacle Plumbing Solutions to deliver innovative solutions, on time, on budget and above all expectations